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More people are currently studying English in China than in any other country, and 100,000 native English speakers are currently teaching there.

Join the thousands of other new teachers and travelers discovering the ancient wonders of China. From the bustling modern metropolitan cities of Beijing and Shanghai, to the authentic cities of Wuhan and Guangzhou, you will experience a new way of life while gaining perspective and making a change in a world.

Your evenings and weekends will be spent exploring China's amazing cities while learning a new language and sharing experiences with new friends.

In the Classroom

Life in the classroom will be engaging and fast-paced as you plan lessons, present new vocabulary and grammar and get to know your students.

Private School

Choose a placement that suits your personality, working with children or adults. Class sizes usually range from 6-15 students. Shifts can be during the day or on evenings and weekends. Most language schools in China use interactive whiteboards and computers. Placements can be quite competitive and generally go to TEFL certified and experienced teachers.

Most private school positions are available year round.

Public School

Working at public schools offers a unique Teach & Travel experience in China. Become a part of the community working with the local children and becoming friends with the local Chinese teachers. These positions offer more consistent working hours with weekends off. While salaries at public schools tend to be lower, the experience tends to be richer.

Most public school positions start in September.

Business Classes

Some private language schools have a strong business focus. If you have a background in business or experience teaching business English, working at schools that cater to large businesses can be a great way to utilize your skills with having an amazing new experience.

Ask our local placement partner for details on these placements.

Life in China

Working in China can be an amazing life experience as well as a great way to finance travel. Live the local life or shop till you drop. China offers a lifestyle for everyone.

Cost of Living

China remains one of the cheapest places in the world to live. Though the cost of living in each city is quite different, major cities in China such as Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzhen are still far cheaper than other major cities around the world. The average teacher in China is able to save significantly if they are able to adapt to the local food and way of life. Most of our schools’ packages offer a good standard of living and the ability to explore and enjoy everything China has to offer.

Meal in Restaurant$3.50$12.00
Dozen Eggs$1.50$4.00
homeRent (monthly)
1-bed city apartment $500-750$750-$1300
1-bed outside city$300-$500$600-$1000
Taxi Base$2.00$5.00
Local Transport 1-way$0.50$3.00
* Above are estimates and based on average 2017 prices


Schools in different cities provide different compensation packages to teachers. Working with our placement partners in China, you can choose the jobs that best suit your needs.

  • Salaries up to 20,000 RMB/month.
  • Many schools provide flight reimbursement
  • Most schools provide housing allowance or free shared accommodation
  • Insurance and bonuses are also common.

Most teachers in China are able to save significant money when they adapt to the local food and way of life.

* Amounts are based on an average teacher with a salary of 10,000 RMB/month.

Where can I Teach?

China is a vast and varied country, but most of the teaching positions available are in and around the major hubs. While China’s cities have rocketed into the 21 st century, they still offer unique thousand year old treasures.


Constantly reimagining itself as it races towards the future, yet inseparably linked to its glorious, notorious past, Beijing is as compelling as it is complex.

Few places on earth can match the extraordinary historical panorama on display in Beijing. There are six Unesco World Heritage Sites in this city alone from the magnificent Forbidden City to the Royal palace on a scale like no other. The city center is interlaced by enchanting hútòng: ancient alleyways that teem with life today, as they did hundreds of years ago. And, to cap it all, the awe-inspiring Great Wall snakes its way across the hills north of town.


Shanghai is a metropolis abounding in energy and excitement and there’s no shortage of interesting things to do.

From designer shopping malls, expensive boutiques and upmarket restaurants to the cheerfully decorated shops and lively atmosphere of the many shopping districts and the elegant skyline along the city’s glistening waterfront, Shanghai is a city to be explored. Ancient temples and museums are interspersed with lively parks complete with Tai-chi, flying kites, traditional music and calligraphy artists.


One of China’s wealthiest cities draws a mix of business people, investors and migrant workers to its golden gates.

Shenzhen is a popular and easy day trip from Hong Kong, surprising most visitors who just expect a peek at a very serious mainland China, but find a thriving club and indie-music nightlife. Shenzhen offers everything from theme parks to quirky specialty markets where you can grab bargain house decorations. Shenzhen is also a useful transport hub for other parts of China.

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Teach and Travel in China can be a great experience for everyone from new University grads to those looking to make change in their life or career. Apply now to receive more detailed information packages and to speak with our experts today.

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Teaching in Thailand offers a great work/life balance that provides you with a fully immersive experience of the culture and the country. Make a real difference in the world while you explore the rich history and natural beauty of your new home in Thailand.
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